About Me

My background as a scientist, medical researcher, and educator with extensive knowledge of medical devices and pharmaceuticals gives me a unique expertise in "speaking the language", which can be overwhelming for people facing serious medical issues.

After having received a Ph.D. from UCLA in microbiology, I spent several years in cancer research at the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences. In the department of hematology-oncology I researched breast cancer antigens and substances in human white blood cells with anti-microbial properties. Following this post-doctoral work, I secured a faculty appointment in the California State University System (Fullerton and Dominguez Hills) where I taught microbiology for majors and non-majors and hematology.

Concurrently I participated in the design of a clinical study on pain management at the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences. The study, involving cancer and AIDS patients, attempted to understand how patients perceived pain medication. I collected information from patient charts and patients themselves and analyzed the findings.

In 1984, I founded Science Consultants to Industry (SCI), a consulting firm serving the medical device and pharmaceuticals industries by assisting both established and start-up companies with customized testing protocols, literature searches, and safe products assurance through biocompatibility testing.