There are no words to sufficiently thank Rae for her medical knowledge, wisdom, and clarity. If it weren't for Rae's guidance I would have gone forward with a major, unnecessary surgery.  Rae is a true professional who combines her expertise with honesty.
-Kathy L.

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, Rae accompanied us to visits with specialists, asked informed questions we would never have thought to ask, and was able to explain the scientific merits and drawbacks of the treatments proposed to us. She is clear-headed, well-spoken, and, when necessary, insistent in making sure that both doctor and patients understand fully what the other is saying.
-Steve L.

Rae has been an integral part of assisting a friend who is having serious medical difficulties.  Rae has done research, coordinated doctor appointments, accompanied the patient to doctor appointments, compiled test results, and communicated with doctors, family and friends in a professional and timely manner.  She was truly interested in the well being of her client. Her fees were more than fair.  She was, without a doubt, the glue that held everything together.   We can never thank her enough! Should the need arise, we all would greatly benefit from having the services of an advocate like Rae.
-Dolores K.

While being treated for cancer in 2008 and again in 2010, having someone like Rae to rely and depend on was huge for me. Due to her extensive research knowledge and professional attitude she was able to enter into discussions with both the doctors and nurses. She interacted with them in such a way that they felt like they were speaking to a colleague, and I felt that with Rae at my side I got the best possible care. The words I would use to describe Rae are: knowledgeable, professional, passionate, kind, and reliable.
-Suzy W.

A diagnosis of breast cancer in January 2012 was a shock to me as an individual who had been fortunate enough not to have had to deal with many medical problems. Rae became my "go to" person for help in navigating a sometimes very confusing medical system. She was able to clarify and interpret terms and information needed to make good treatment choices. Throughout my treatment Rae checked in with me every day, providing support that was very much needed and appreciated. Rae's professional knowledge, good common sense, and compassion eased my way through a very difficult time. I believe she would be of great help to anyone no matter what the medical condition or how complex the issues.
-Barbara W.

Many years ago, when we thought we were invincible, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rae Drazin was there—as a friend—steady, strong, and caring. She was also there as my advocate, providing an objective voice, a clear intelligent mind, and a guiding hand as we navigated through the myriad of treatment options. Everyone should be so fortunate to have Dr. Drazin as their advocate.
-Pat M.

Dr. Drazin is the person you want by your side when faced with major health issues. I have known her for many years and experienced first hand her ability to understand complicated medical situations, sort through seemingly conflicting data and simplify the choices. Her compassion, scientific training and life experiences make her an invaluable advocate and friend.
-Judith Delafield, M.D.

Rae Drazin, Ph.D. has proven to be an invaluable advocate and ally during the last few months as my family, with Rae at our side, has been immersed in my mother’s post-stroke recovery.  During mom’s first weeks in the hospital, Rae made sure the right questions were asked, the appropriate protocols were in place and that my mother received the best care available.  She has helped us understand the science behind the lab tests and their results, with explanations in layman’s terms.  Once mom was transferred to a rehab facility, Rae continued with her unrelenting advocacy, which included masterfully leading our family through the social services’ patient care planning meeting.  Rae, together with the medical providers, has helped us make decisions that will be best for our mom.  Once mom returned home, Rae continued to provide referrals for mom’s care, and to attend medical appointments as requested.  I don’t know what our family would have done without Rae.
-Betsy S.